AD Link for Marketing Services one working in the field related to the design, development and printing of promotional materials and electronic services for commercial, industrial and public and private institutions and individuals and business organizations. The activities of marketing services, and all those who can cooperate with them in the light of the company's service activities, which include many of the areas companies which covers a range of services under one roof meets the needs and aspirations and wishes of the most discerning customers in various industrial, service and commercial sectors.



Why Choose Us


"innovation and creativity" are out of the vision, mission and objective of the company and its business in various sectors. We seek to serve our customers the logic of excellence and add them and start from where they finished and finished others.


We seek to develop aesthetic touches make our projects of any kind unique piece of art in which the basic success factors: taste, beauty, technology, and high quality. Read, and analyze ideas, dreams, desires, and aspirations of our customers and translate it into reality distinct share together in creativity, the beginning of the idea, through multiple innovative solutions, and the end of the strict implementation.


Care about human resources, which represents the mechanism through which we can translate our thoughts and our success with our customers a way that is in addition to all the parties to the creative process. Provide outstanding technology, high quality and technical check implementation of ideas and innovations and provide successful models for our projects, and represents benefit for our customers and our company.